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Cooking 101 for University students or Beginner cooks

This class will run over 4 sessions. Parents and teens are going to learn together how to stock your fridge, freezer, and pantry with the basics. It will include how to cook the basics, what to send your kids with at the beginning of school and what you should send them back with after a visit. If you are not in university and want to learn the basics this course is open to anyone. It will also be available for purchase as Zoom recordings once the course runs. As a bonus, Shauna will contact all participants in the Fall to check in to see how they are managing with their cooking skills and answer any questions that they have.

  1. Build your pantry/fridge/freezer
  • How to build a plate
  • The basics of whole, processed, and ultra processed foods
  • How to meal prep for the week
  • How to put a snack together – homemade or store bought
  • How to make a smoothie
  • No-bake granola bites

2. Breakfast!

  • How to boil an egg, scramble, omelette, chopped egg
  • French toast/Grilled cheese
  • Simple quesadilla/burrito (will include vegetarian options)
  • Pizza bagel/tortilla
  • Puffed apple pancake

3. Lunch/dinner

4. Lunch/dinner continued


Monday July 27th and Tuesday July 28th and

Monday August 10th and Wednesday August 12th

Time: 4-6 p.m.

Cost: $216 including HST

Class times

July 27/28 and August 10/12 4-6 p.m.