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Janice Holley MSc, RD, Cardiac Rehab Dietitian, Kitchener ON

“It is a privilege to have had Shauna as part of my professional network since the beginning of her dietetics career. Shauna projects the kind of charisma and exuberance characteristic of someone truly gifted in their field. Shauna employs an exemplary communication style to teach and impassion others on the path to a healthier lifestyle. And it’s a journey her clients don’t walk alone. Shauna fully embraces in her own life the same philosophy she motivates others to aspire to. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to be coached by Shauna Lindzon, RD toward the healthiest possible YOU.”

Karen McCullough – Consultant – APEX Public Relations, Toronto ON

“It was a pleasure working with Shauna on the Yoplait Yoptimal immuni+ program. Shauna was a well-versed and enthusiastic spokesperson. Prior to her interviews, Shauna took the time to learn all details about the complicated product and shared her experience to help our team develop key messages for the program. Shauna’s knowledge of the immune system, digestive system and probiotics was also clearly communicated in each interview she conducted, and she was able to explain a complicated message in everyday terms. I would absolutely recommend Shauna as a spokesperson and look forward to working with her again.”

Johanna Mugford MD, CCFP Toronto, Ontario

“I refer my patients to Shauna without hesitation. She is personable, knowledgeable and has an innate ability to motivate people to achieve their goals. Without exception, I have positive feedback from my patients. Her skill and enthusiasm for her work makes it a pleasure to recommend her.”

Jane E. – Private client

“Having battled weight issues for a lifetime, I have had my first real success with Shauna. There are two main reasons why. The first, simply, is Shauna’s personality. She is always understanding and non-judgmental. When you have Shauna on your side she is your cheerleader and you feel like you are on the winning team. Her interest in you is professional, but it is also personal. Second, when you have Shauna you have science. She has a particular interest in food chemistry and for Shauna, addressing nutritional solutions for individual needs (such as cholesterol, weight loss, and blood sugar levels) is a challenge she loves to tackle. Food choices and combinations of foods under Shauna’s direction can be the secret of your success!”

Heather H. – Private client

“Shauna was instrumental in giving me the tools I needed to help me achieve and maintain my weight loss. She focused on weight loss as a lifestyle change and not as a diet. I did not feel like I was depriving myself. With that in mind I was able to achieve the weight loss I needed and was able to keep it off. She made it easy for me and showed me the right way to eat. Who knew that simply eating the right foods was the key to achieving weight loss success… hence the expression “you really are what you eat”. When I look in the mirror now and see the results I have achieved it is like a dream come true. With Shauna on your side you can’t go wrong!!!”

Mike M. – Private client

“I have always been very physically active and diligent about working out and my diet was acceptable but inconsistent. However, due to the side effects of certain medication and what I now realize were some very poor dietary choices, I was unable to achieve my weight goals. All of that changed once I began working with Shauna. With her enthusiastic, personable, non-judgemental and analytic supervision, I immediately began to move quickly towards my weight goals, and in fact, surpassed them within months. Given how fast I lost 20 pounds, I decided to keep going and within months had lost another 10. It has now been over 18 months and I have lost approximately 40 pounds, back to my high school weight from over 20 years ago and have taken approximately 6 inches off my waist. I never thought that this was possible. Not only did Shauna’s expertise and intervention maximize the impact of my workouts and other physical activities, but she opened up a whole new world of food and choices that I didn’t know existed. I am not depriving myself of anything, just being more conscious of what I eat, when I eat and making some very delicious and appropriate substitutes for things that I have always enjoyed eating and continue to enjoy. I am feeling great and continue to use Shauna’s guidance to maintain my new optimal weight. The fact that these are life-long lifestyle choices and not a temporary quick fix diet gives me comfort that these positive changes are permanent. I would recommend and have recommended Shauna to anyone for any nutritional or weight management issues they are facing.”